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My Story

"Parents must be equipped to effectively advocate for their students and schools because urban parents are often blamed for low performance and achievement when there are many other factors that lead to lower performance in urban schools. Rather than blaming others, I empower parents to work alongside educators and policymakers to bring equality to schools. Using my parent engagement model will enable urban and rural parents to participate in powerful school improvement. As education adapts to the needs of the 21st century, parents must have an increased role in their children’s education. The need for authentic parent involvement in urban schools is increasing and will continue to increase. My parent involvement model promises to transform parent participation, increase student achievement, and decrease dropout rates.​"

Mary Johnson is a national speaker, author, and award-winning business results expert living her purpose and passion. She speaks at colleges, universities, churches, and events. Her experience includes: working in the classroom with teachers, serving on councils/committees, coordinating activities of parent liaisons, conducting workshops, mentoring students, training staff, and leading instructional audits. Currently, her services include – trainings, individual coaching, assessments, resource, and team building. Mary Johnson serves as Chairperson of the Parent-U-Turn conduct workshops, and keynote speaker at conferences.

She is a parenting practitioner who has developed the seven advocacy standards for Urban and Rural parents that successfully help parents navigate their children through low-performing urban and rural schools and into higher education. Mary has received extensive training in Parent & Community Involvement – including being certified by the UCLA Parent Project Center X in School, Family, and Community Partnerships.


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