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Parent U-Turn:

Survey for Families, Parents, and Caregivers Results

(Fall 2021)

Classroom Lecture


Parent U-Turn:

Teachers and Staff Survey results

(Fall 2021)

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Parent U-Turn collected surveys from parents/caregivers and students

about their experiences with distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mary Johnson’s efforts have been featured in numerous publications and journals including: The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The San Diego Union Tribune, The Gainesville Sun, the Harvard Education Review, ASCD, and Phi Delta Kappan.

Written by Mary Johnson

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The 21st Century Parent: Multicultural Parent Engagement Leadership Strategies Handbook

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Chapter 8: A Parent Advocate’s Vision of a 21st-Century Model for Bicultural Parent Engagement

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Building Parents as Researchers

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Published Works about Mary Johnson

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The Power of Poor Parents in NCLB

(Rogers, 2006)

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Tapping Parent and Community Support

to Improve Student Learning

(Checkley, 2008)

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Pushing Parents to Get Involved in Kids' Education

(Lopez, 2011)


Lessons Learned from Analyzing

Parent Organizing Movements

(Salhotra, 2018)

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Chapter 7 - Parent U-Turn:

Parents Organized for Inquiry and Action

(Oakes, Rogers, & Lipton, 2006)

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Parents Design L.A. Parent Involvement Model

(Noyes, 2009)

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Failing Schools Strain to Meet U.S. Standard

(Schemo, 2007)


Seeking an Authentic Voice:

The Role of Parents and Communities in School Change in Los Angeles

(CSUN University Library, 2014)


Parents: Time to Get Organized

(Lewis, 2008)

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Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 3.03.27 PM.png

LA Aims to Engage Parents

in Schools with Services

(Hoag, 2010)